Insights data sources

New Relic products automatically populate your Insights account with event and metric timeslice data. Events consist of key-value pairs called attributes. You can add additional data to those default events (called custom attributes), or send your own events with your own attributes entirely.

Use NRQL or the Insights Event explorer UI to sample, query, and chart event data. Use the Insights Metric explorer UI to sample, search, and chart metric timeslice data.

The Infrastructure Compute page gives you an overview of the performance of all your servers and hosts.
Insights data sources: Other New Relic products automatically send event and metric timeslice data to Insights so you can sample, query event data, search metric timeslice data, and create charts of all your data. You can add data to other products' default data or send your own events entirely.

Default data from other New Relic products: View reference lists of all the events and related attributes other New Relic products send to Insights.

Data from New Relic products: Learn how to sample, query, search, and chart the data that other New Relic products automatically send to Insights.

Requirements for inserting custom data: Review the requirements for size limitations, data types, and reserved words in order to successfully insert and use custom events and attributes.

Insert custom events: Use any of these methods as applicable:

Add custom attributes to default events: To query and chart additional details, add custom attributes to default events, including: