Event explorer: Query and chart your event data

Use the Data summary and Event data explorer pages to see what event data is available to you in New Relic Insights. Not sure an attribute is populating properly? Use the event data explorer to look at a sample of the data being stored by New Relic Insights, and get details about events and attributes in the event data dictionary.

This document covers the contents of the Data explorer > Events page. See metric explorer for information on the Data explorer > Metrics page.

For more information on the kind of data available in Insights (metric timeslice data vs. event data), see Metric timeslice and event data.

Event data explorer

insights.newrelic.com > Data explorer > Events: Use the data explorer to understand and sample your event data.

Use the event data explorer to view the data being stored by New Relic Insights. The data explorer includes:

  • A widget showing information for one event type over a period of time. By default, it shows the past day as compared to one week ago.
  • A listing for the most recent event of the current event type.

Most recent event

The most recent event for the current event type listed at the bottom of the page. Default attributes are underlined.

To see a list of recent events for the current event type, select See more samples. The listing will appear in an overlay pane. To close, select the X or click anywhere outside the pane. You may need to scroll left and right to see all the data.

The Insights Data Explorer recent events pane.
insights.newrelic.com > Data explorer > Events: Select See more samples to see a listing of recent events.

The amount of data stored for a given event type can run into the hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of records. This report only shows a small sample. Use this view to review the structure of the data, not the contents of a specific record. For example, you can use it to make sure an attribute is populating properly.

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