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Welcome to New Relic! We want to ensure that you can successfully use our products and services. And we want to protect both your rights as a customer and our legal requirements.

When you sign up for your New Relic account, you agree to our standard Terms and Conditions. If you have entered into a separate paid agreement with us for specific services, then the terms of that agreement control.

Here is a reference library of our licenses and other legal documentation. If you have additional questions, please contact your New Relic account representative.

General usage licenses.

These relate to any New Relic product or service that you use. Learn more.

Special services licenses.

These licenses and terms relate to services that supplement the use of other New Relic products and services; for example, Expert Services and New Relic Diagnostics. Learn more.

Usage plans.

These relate to New Relic One usage and pricing models. Learn more.

Distributed licenses.

These are the license files that are distributed with our software when you install them in your environment or receive custom software from Expert Services (whose services are under separate terms). Learn more.

Referenced policies.

These are policies referenced in your agreement with New Relic and relate to the New Relic products or services that you use. Learn more.

Third party attributions.

These are the licenses and attributions for third party and open source components that are distributed with specific New Relic products and services. Learn more.

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