New Relic One pricing: Definitions

This document provides definitions of terminology you may see in the Terms or this site for New Relic One pricing and billing:


Account refers to the online account or subaccounts that New Relic provides for customers to manage their use of the Products.

Commitment Term

Commitment Term means the non-cancelable, committed Subscription Term for the Products.

Customer Data

Customer Data means the data, information, or content that Customer and its users send to an Account from the Software, the Customer Properties, or Third-Party Services.

Customer Properties

Customer Properties means Customer’s websites, infrastructure, networks, mobile applications, or other systems, as well as Customer accounts on Third-Party Services.


Documentation means the New Relic technical guides and documentation made available from the dedicated ‘Documentation’ page of the New Relic website.

GB Ingested

A GB Ingested is a measurement of the volume of metrics, events, logs, traces, or other telemetry data sent to or generated by the Products for the benefit of the Customer, including from the Software, the Customer Properties, or Third-Party Services.

In this context, a GB is defined as 1 billion bytes.

Login Credentials

Login Credentials means the username, email address, password, or other personal information that is provided by a Customer user in order to manage an Account.

Monthly Provisioned User

A Monthly Provisioned User is any user who can log into Customer’s Account(s) and access the New Relic One Product functionality as specified in an Order and the Documentation.


Order means the purchasing order for access to the Service or related services that: (1) is either executed by the Parties or entered into by you via self-service, and references this Agreement, or (2) is entered into by you and a Channel Partner.

Paid Terms of Service means the legal terms and conditions located at:


Product(s) mean the purchase of the New Relic subscription products described in the applicable Order and any updates, corrections, bug fixes, modifications, improvements, related services, new features, and functionality (made generally available to New Relic’s customer base) thereto.


Software means the distributed software, APIs, scripts, or other code proprietary to New Relic provided with the Products.


Terms means the underlying Customer-New Relic agreement and the Order.

Third-Party Services

Third-Party Services means any third party platform, add-on, service, or product not provided by New Relic and that a user integrates or enables for use with the Products, including third-party applications and plug-ins.

Unpaid Terms of Service

Unpaid Terms of Service means the legal terms and conditions located at:

Usage Plan

Usage Plan refers to the Service or Product pricing, invoicing related information, and product-specific terms (e.g. concurrent user account sessions) contained within the Documentation.

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