New Relic's log management security and privacy

With log management you have direct control over what data is reported to New Relic. To ensure data privacy and to limit the types of information New Relic receives, no customer data is captured except what you supply in API calls or log forwarder configuration. All data for the logs service is then reported to New Relic over HTTPS.

This document describes additional security considerations for your logging data. For more information about New Relic's security measures, see our security and privacy documentation, or visit the New Relic security website.

Customize your security settings

The log management service does mask number patterns that appear to be for items such as credit cards or social security numbers. However, what you send to New Relic, including any additional filtering, is controlled by the configuration of the log forwarder you use, such as FluentD.

Because you control what customer data is logged, be sure to follow your organization's security guidelines to mask, obfuscate, or prevent any sensitive data.

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