New Relic One applications: requirements and security

This document contains:

  • Requirements for building a New Relic One application
  • Support details
  • Details on access and permissions for applications and data

Requirements and recommendations


To build your application, it will help (but is not required) to be familiar with:

  • JavaScript, especially React
  • GraphQL (used by our NerdGraph API)
  • NRQL (our query language)

Because New Relic One applications are essentially just JavaScript applications, there is no special requirement for using or displaying third-party (non-New Relic) data.


Building a New Relic One application is the same as building any JavaScript/React application. We offer support to help with our building tools (our CLI and our SDK library). However, we do not offer support for basic JS or React coding questions or issues.

For common questions and answers about building, see the Explorers Hub page on building on New Relic One.

Data security and data access

The ability to publish and deploy an application to an account requires a Nerdpack Manager add-on role. This can be assigned by New Relic account Owners and Admins.

For details on how access to New Relic One applications and data is determined, see our developer site.

Third-party libraries may be included at runtime by Nerdpacks. Changes to the content of these libraries may not be reflected in version number updates to the Nerdpack itself. For example, if a Nerdlet creates a <SCRIPT> tag and dynamically downloads and executes an external file, the version number may not reflect this.

For more information, see the documentation about data privacy and security for New Relic One.

For more help

Recommendations for learning more: