Troubleshooting: Missing or obfuscated data in New Relic One


You're a user with access to multiple New Relic accounts and, in New Relic One, you don’t see data or features that you've previously had access to.

If the data you're looking for is from a recent install/enable process and you've never seen it before in New Relic, see Not seeing data.


There are several reasons why you may not be able to view data in New Relic One that you've previously seen:

  • You're in the wrong account. If you have access to multiple New Relic accounts that are not in the same organization, you may need to log out and log back in to a different New Relic account. For more details, see this forum post New Relic One and accounts.
  • Information is hidden due to cross-account security. Even for accounts in the same organization, there can be security boundaries that block some information from being shown between accounts. For more details, see Cross-account security.
  • There is a limitation due to user permissions. It's possible someone on your account has changed your role or permissions. The roles assigned to you will affect what you can see. For example, some features are only available for Owners and Admins.

Potential solutions to gain access to other accounts or features:

  • Ask your organization’s New Relic administrator to help you get access to other accounts, or to change your roles/permissions.
  • If you cannot figure out a solution, contact your New Relic account representative for help.

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