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Browser/SPA NRQL query examples

This document will explain how you can use NRQL to query and explore your Browser data, including SPA data.

View JavaScript errors

To view JavaScript errors, you'd run a NRQL query of the JavaScriptError event reported by Browser. For example:

SELECT * FROM JavaScriptError

Here's an example of JSON resulting from running this query, which includes JavaScriptError attributes.

"event": {
"deviceType": "Desktop",
"firstErrorInSession": true,
"releaseIds": "{\"jQuery\":\"v3.1.1\",\"multiverse\":\"98e7ab6\"}",
"appName": "Book Staging Multiverse",
"errorClass": "Error",
"errorMessage": "Script error message",
"requestUri": "/synthetic-multiverse/",
"userAgentName": "Chrome",
"transactionName": "Unnamed Transaction",
"userAgentVersion": "44",
"appId": 950582,
"userAgentOS": "Linux",
"timestamp": 1502262005,
"browserInteractionID": ,

View sample SPA data

To run a NRQL query of your Browser SPA data, use the BrowserInteraction or AjaxRequest events. For example:

SELECT * FROM BrowserInteraction

Here are some examples of NRQL queries you can make of your SPA data. To see all Browser attributes, see Browser default attributes.

For more help

If you need more help, check out these support and learning resources:

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