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Telemetry Data Platform

Collect, explore, and alert on all your telemetry data from any source, including New Relic agents and from integrations with third-party and open source monitoring tools.

Out-of-the-box integrations make setup easy, eliminating the cost and complexities of operating additional data stores.

Detect and resolve issues faster than ever before with dashboards, our SQL-like query language, and alerts that you can integrate with tools such as Slack and Pagerduty, all built on the world’s most powerful telemetry platform.

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New Relic Telemetry Data Platform

Telemetry Data Platform overview

  • Discover how the elastic and highly-performant Telemetry Data Platform scales to meet your needs.

Get data in

  • Learn how to send data to the Telemetry Data Platform.


  • Get started with our scalable logs solution, which allows you to correlate log data with your metrics, events, and traces.

Analytics and queries

  • Learn how to query your data quickly and easily.


  • Learn how to visualize your application and infrastructure performance all in one place with dashboards.

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