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Get started with New Relic observability

True observability is the power of knowing what's happening across your digital system and why it's happening—at any time, whatever solution you’re using. It’s getting the whole picture of everything that enables your applications and devices to deliver value to your customers, from the container running a microservice in the cloud to a mobile website's shopping cart button.

Our platform goes beyond simple monitoring by offering you observability: data insights to help you make proactive and predictive improvements to your environment.


A comparison between simple monitoring and observability.

Get your data into New Relic with our quickstarts

New Relic I/O is a rich catalog of open-source quickstarts that automatically include integrations, dashboards, and alerts for you to use immediately. Popular technologies such as Node.js, Python, and Ruby have full-featured quickstarts, while others contain a mixture of tools. Each quickstart is created by observability experts around the world, vetted by New Relic, and ready for you to install with one click. Leverage community expertise and get more value out of your telemetry data with New Relic I/O, your hub for instant observability.

Ready to get started? Find your quickstart in New Relic I/O:

New Relic I/O

New Relic I/O is open source, which means that you can modify and improve existing quickstarts, or build new ones, to suit your needs. We thoroughly review external edits to our quickstarts for value and quality. Interested in contributing to the community? Check out our contributor guide in GitHub.

Some technical detail

New Relic quickstarts use open source installation recipes to instrument integrations using our guided install process.

Guided install for New Relic

Alternatively, if you're comfortable with the command line, our guided install discovers the applications, infrastructure, and log sources running in your environment, and recommends which ones should be instrumented. The install automates the configuration and deployment of each system you choose to instrument.

If your account reports data through our EU data center, click EU Guided install.

All the answers in one place

Once your data is in New Relic, we give you a UI with tools to cut through the layers of complexity surrounding your systems. This is all in one platform so you don't need to switch between diagnostic applications.

You can interrogate your data for patterns, discover them using our data platform, or get proactive results from our machine learning tools.

All our observability tools are interconnected and accessible in New Relic One.

Data reported to New Relic can be categorized as metrics, events, logs, and traces. This data feeds our platform's analytics and monitoring capabilities. New Relic links your data in a meaningful way so that you can explore it, build dashboards, and set up alerts.

Our out-of-the-box observability UI experiences allow to visualize, analyze, and troubleshoot your entire software stack in one unified platform. The New Relic Explorer consolidates all the entities in your system, and how they're connected, in a single place, so you can easily detect performance trends and issues. By automatically connecting infrastructure health with application performance and end-user behavior, you can cut through the noise to find useful signals.

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