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How to use browser monitoring to improve your website's performance

Our provides a real user monitoring (RUM) solution. It measures speed and performance as your end users navigate to your site through different web browsers, devices, operating systems, and networks. But browser monitoring goes far beyond providing information about the initial page load. Use it to measure full page life cycle data and start getting the info you need to help ensure customer satisfaction.

New Relic lets you monitor the data from browser activity and optimize performance across your entire stack. Use browser monitoring to help ensure successful deployments and quickly troubleshoot customer-visible problems. Monitor your stack at a glance and make sure all your entities are operating as they should. Visualize application speed and performance, JavaScript errors, AJAX requests, and more. Spend less time trying to chase down issues and more time delivering a perfect digital experience to customers.

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Track web vitals

Google's core web vitals are three metrics to gauge how users experience your browser app - and New Relic can help you track them! There are two places to see core web vitals in New Relic:

Identify end-user issues

Instrument any type of data you need, such as metrics, events, logs, and traces, to help optimize your end users' page load experience and keep them happy.

Use Javascript analytics to see how users trigger errors

Monitor activity during browser interactions for apps with single-page application (SPA) architecture

Determine if specific browsers or devices cause problems

Use distributed tracing to isolate latency across a full transaction

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