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Understand and use the distributed tracing UI

Distributed tracing helps you monitor and analyze the behavior of your distributed system. After you enable distributed tracing, you can use our UI tools to search for traces and analyze them.

If you're looking to troubleshoot errors in a transaction that spans many services:

  1. Open the distributed tracing UI page.
  2. Sort through your traces using a filter to find that specific request and show only traces containing errors.
  3. On the trace details page, review the span along the request route that originated the error.
  4. Noting the error class and message, navigate to the service from its span in the trace so you can see that the error is occurring at a high rate.

Read on to explore the options in the distributed tracing UI.

Open the distributed tracing UI

To view traces for a specific service:

  1. Go to one.newrelic.com > All entities.
  2. Under Your system in the left panel, select the entity that contains the trace you want to inspect.
  3. Click Distributed tracing in the left pane.

Or, to view traces across all your accounts:

  1. Go to one.newrelic.com > All Capabilities.
  2. Click the Traces tile.


If you don't have access to accounts for some services in a trace, we'll obfuscate some details for those services.

Filter your span data

We have a variety of tools to help you find traces and spans so you can resolve issues. The opening distributed tracing page is populated with a default list of traces. You can quickly refine this list using these tools:

Organize your span data


Some queries that produce many results may result in false positives in charts. This could manifest as charts showing trace results that are not in the trace list.

Additional UI details

Here are some additional distributed tracing UI details, rules, and limits:

In addition to these UI tools, you can also check out the example NRQL queries in Query distributed trace data.

Next step:

Understand the trace details UI

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