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Introduction to querying data in New Relic

New Relic One is a powerful observability platform that gives you access to all your data throughout your entire system. We host telemetry data sent by your entities, which basically is anything we can identify that has data you can monitor, including applications, services, hosts, etc. You name it!

While we provide you with an out of the box experience to see your data with curated dashboards, you can tailor the access to your data and custom the visibility in several ways, including in the UI or via API.


To better understand your data stored in New Relic, see Data types.

Our open door to your data

Regardless of your experience with New Relic, we’ll help you discover, understand and visualize your data.


Then do this...

Just installed an agent and want to see your data in New Relic.

Browse your data easily without building queries. With the data explorer, you can understand the data we’ve stored, see its cardinality, or build charts in a few clicks.

Know what data is available, but you want to understand more about what else is coming with that data.

If you’re an advanced user, use our query builder to tailor the data you want to retrieve.

Have a specific question and you want to deep dive on the data to get the answer.

Refine your NRQL query to dig down to the bottom of your issues.

Want to build a dashboard.

Create a custom dashboard easily from the data explorer or the query builder.

Browse your data in the UI

New Relic One offers several experiences that don't require knowledge of NRQL or any query language. On the UI, go to the Query your data button, or click the Browse data dropdown, then select the data type (metrics, events, logs, and traces) you want to explore.

Query data in the UI

If you're ready to do more than browsing data, become an all-hands actor and personalize your queries in the New Relic UI. Use query languages, including our New Relic query language or our PromQL-style query language, to edit queries with full flexibility. For example, you can add more WHERE clauses, modify the returned value, change to other types of visualizations, etc.


Are you new to querying languages? Start browsing data in the data explorer, then turn to the query builder to see the query you built, and refine it.

There are two ways to write your own queries to retrieve data and build charts:

Query data via API

When getting into the New Relic platform is not an option, you can use APIs to retrieve and query your data in New Relic. For example, you can run NRQL (our query language) queries with NerdGraph (our GraphQL API).

For more information, see the introduction to New Relic APIs.

For more help

If you need more help, check out these support and learning resources:

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