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Alerts for synthetic monitoring


In order to provide a unified experience, we're deprecating synthetic monitor alert notifications and alert conditions incidents, and replacing these pages with a new synthetic monitor overview experience in New Relic. This new experience provides visibility into a monitor's open incidents and alert conditions with the monitor results in a single view, removing the need to open multiple tabs to view incidents or alert conditions.

If you want to receive alert notifications when a synthetic monitor fails, you can configure the alert notification after you have created one. You can configure your monitor's alert condition via the alerts UI.


To identify which monitors do not have conditions assigned to them, review their color-coded health status.

Add a synthetic monitor to alert policies

A monitor can be included in multiple alert policies and conditions. You can view the alert policies and conditions for the selected monitor from the Alerts UI.

To add an existing monitor to an alert policy:

  1. Go to one.newrelic.com > Alerts & AI > Alert conditions (policies).
  2. From the list of existing alert policies, use the search box or scroll the list to locate one or more alert policies where the monitor has not already been added.
  3. Open the policy, then click Add a condition.
  4. Click Synthetics and then select the monitor.
  5. Fill out the remaining settings and click Create condition.


Adding a new alert condition to a synthetic monitor can take up to 30 minutes. Linking and registration need to take place before you can open an alert for a monitor breach.

Existing monitor: Remove from alert policy

To remove an existing monitor's alert condition from an existing alert policy:

  1. Go to one.newrelic.com > Alerts & AI > Alert conditions (policies).
  2. From the list of existing alert policies, use the search box or scroll the list to locate and select an alert policy where the monitor has an alert condition that has already been added.
  3. Select the trash can (delete) icon on the monitor's alert condition.

Receive alert notifications on a three-strike basis

Synthetic alert monitors operate on a three-strike basis, registering a failure only after three monitor attempts from a single location return an error. Your alert policy configuration and notification channel settings will determine when you receive notifications for specific monitors and locations.

If you monitor a non-public app and add your selected public minion IPs to your allow list, you may very infrequently receive a false downtime alert. When a synthetic monitoring data center goes down, New Relic may decide to temporarily use an alternate host, which results in the temporary server's IP being blocked by your app.

Mute (disable) monitor's alert notifications

To temporarily disable notifications for a monitor, mute it:

  1. Go to one.newrelic.com > Synthetic monitoring > (select a monitor).
  2. Click General .
  3. Toggle Notifications to Off.


Muting a monitor's alert notifications will not mute multi-location alerts or NRQL alerts.

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