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Try the new and improved querying interface

February 12, 2024

Explore your data from anywhere in the platform faster with context

Engineers need intuitive and fast access to telemetry data to make informed decisions about their applications and systems. That's why we've redesigned the Query Your Data UI to be more convenient, powerful, and helpful, so you can go from question to insight faster.

Starting today, you can try the new query experience. To try it out, go to the query your data capability and select the “Try it out” button in the banner.

Try the new query experience in New Relic

The new UI combines the chart editing features of the old query builder with the portability of the old NRQL console. The enhanced user interface helps you:

  • Explore your data with context. Troubleshoot faster with a persistent query bar as you navigate across the platform.
  • Get Insights for all, no NRQL necessary. Generate queries using natural language and empower every team member to get answers from data.
  • Visualize anything, connect everything. Easily pull data from across your accounts, build charts with multiple queries, and add them to custom dashboards for precise insights.

Watch the demo video below for more tips and tricks on using the new querying interface.

New features include:

  • An expandable query bar at the bottom of the screen to work in context
  • See the data behind charts across the platform with the “view query” button
  • Keep your query as you navigate across New Relic
  • Cross-account queries for up to five accounts
  • Natural query language powered by New Relic AI
  • Resizable query blocks for long queries
  • Recommended queries for a jumpstart in exploring your data
  • Keyboard shortcuts to speed up your experience

Note: The new experience does not modify URLs, so you must use the “Copy permalink” button rather than copying the browser URL to get the query link.

Try the new query your data experience now.

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